New Wrestling Center Helps Cougars Win State Title

Congratulations to the Cougars, who won their third straight Group A state wrestling championship on Mar. 4. The win further solidifies an impressive record for the team; this is the ninth state wrestling championship title overall for Manassas Park City Schools.

This season, the Cougars benefited from significantly improved conditions in which to train and compete, with the completion of their new wrestling facility designed by VMDO. The wrestling center is equipped with upgraded HVAC and is more spacious, brighter, and comfortable. Located on the Manassas Park High School and Middle School campus, it becomes the legitimate home dedicated to the training of the wrestling team.

Construction work continues on the third phase of Manassas Park Middle School, a comprehensive rebuilding of the school by VMDO at the campus it shares with Manassas Park High School. The Middle School is still open and functioning, as the students and administration patiently await for the construction to be complete, which is expected in the winter of 2007.

The second phase of work, a new gymnasium, opened last month.

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