Three Student-Centered Campus Projects Open Their Doors

This fall has been a busy season for ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremonies for VMDO’s latest built work! Many of these newly opened projects are student-centered campus projects for institutions of higher education.

1. Tidwater Community College (Chesapeake Campus) New Student Center

The opening of Tidewater Community College (TCC) Chesapeake’s New Student Center occurred in April 2014 to great fanfare. The newest of TCC’s student centers, the 58,000 square foot building is attractive, flexible, and complements the campus’ design. The Student Center promotes student success by providing a campus “living room” with social, recreational, and service spaces that together promote a sense of belonging on campus. According to Provost Dr. Rhine, the student center offers “a place [that] fosters acculturation to college, student engagement, and leadership development.” You can watch a video of the Student Center’s dedication ceremony here:

2. Sweet Briar Library Addition and Renovation

In early November, Sweet Briar College held a dedication ceremony celebrating the expansion and renovation of the historic Cochran Library. Originally designed by Ralph Adams Cram, Cochran Library was one of the first buildings constructed part of Cram’s 1927 campus master plan. The new addition re-situates Cochran as the intellectual crossroads of campus and restores its status a major student destination. The expanded library program includes facilities for collaborative research and group meetings that can be customized to suit a variety of creative endeavors. In addition to reviews of “incredible site lines,” students and staff are saying they “think better” and “get more done” in the space because of the light-filled design. You can watch a video of the Library’s dedication ceremony here:

3. Young Harris College New Campus Center and Library

Conceived as Young Harris College’s signature facility, the 125,000 square foot Campus Center & Library serves as the social and intellectual heart of campus. The campus center creates a new hub of bustling activity by combining a multi-purpose student center, an expanded dining hall, a versatile banquet facility, and a modern library into a single, state-of-the-art structure. Director of Bands Mary Land underscored the positive impact of the building on campus: “the entire dynamic of our campus has changed instantly. Students are flocking to the building, and it is packed with happy, productive activity. The students can’t keep from smiling; they love it.” You can watch a video of the dedication ceremony here:

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