“Design Thursday” Learning Environments Speakers Series (with Video)

VMDO hosts a series of weekly in-house knowledge-sharing presentations called “Design Thursday” talks. On October 23, 2014, we kicked off a series of Design Thursday discussions around the topic of Learning Environments.

Our dynamic group of panelists included: Dr. Stephen Bragaw, Professor of American Politics at Sweet Briar College; Sidney Griffin, AIA, Director of Digital Design at VMDO Architects; Becky Fisher, Board of Directors at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; and Laura Richardson, Elementary Educator with Albemarle County Public Schools.

Panelists (L-R): Sidney Griffin, Becky Fisher, Laura Richardson, and Dr. Stephen Bragaw

The four Panelists presented, within the realm of their unique experiences, the role technology plays within various professional and learning contexts (including colleges and universities, K12 schools, and modern office spaces). The panelists also engaged in discussion and debate about the importance of design in rendering technology accessible, integrated, and contagious for a variety of learners, educators, and professionals.

As Becky Fisher said, “clients push architects and architects push clients … we need to stop thinking about how to fit things in boxes” and rather push the limit of what is achievable within a community of continual thought-and design-sharing.

A video of the entire Learning Environments talk can be viewed below. You can navigate between talks to experience the four separate presentations, as well as view the Q&A portion of the discussion. Many thanks goes out to the four panelists who presented their unique perspectives and experiences, VMDO’s Design Advocacy Group who organized the talk, and many other staff and participants who helped this speakers series become a reality.

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